Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Have your floor tiles start to fade? You have to go with Tile cleaning…..

You all know that when you install tiles in your home then it provides lovely and elegant look to your home and they are easy to care for, but when you don’t provide proper care to your tiles means you don’t clean your tiles properly then over a time, it can provide dull look instead of shiny and this dullness is due to the buildup of cleaning products used on the tile in the past because when you provide regular cleaning to your tiles then you have to using simple cleaning products and these tips are very easy to keep clean and shiny. When there is discolored grout around your wall and floor tiles then it can make even to make your cleanest indoors and have a look a little
uncared . If your tiles are properly cleaned then it is an important part of keeping your tiles looking impressive. But when your tiles are suffered with black grout, white and grey grouting then it can stain easily and it makes your room’s look dirty even if it’s clean. At that time your tiles need a little attention every now and when you hired good tile cleaner than it should be an essential item in your cleaning cupboard. On the other hand when there are light-colored tiles then it requires daily maintenance and at that time when you go with cleaning and you have to use water and detergent or soap; with soap when cleaning a little ammonia and turpentine mixture then it can make your tiles more smooth. You have also use the appropriate cleaning supplies clean. 

Tips to get rid of dullness of tiles with tile cleaning:-

  • Everyone wants to make their tiles and grout look shiny and new. For that you have to require paste of baking soda and water, after that you have to rub the paste into the grout and tiles as well by using an old toothbrush and rinse off from floor. But if the stains are really stubborn then after that you can apply plain baking soda, add a little bit of distilled white vinegar and you have to let the solution sit for an hour before you begin scrubbing.

  • You have also tried to clean your tiles with warm water and one or two drops of disinfectant. If you really insist upon using cleaners then you have to use this Tile Cleaner. You have also use heavy duty tile and Grout Cleaner twice a year for a thorough scrub down because the dullness is due to discoloration is due to a buildup of soaps and scrub with heavy tile and Grout Cleaner and after that rinse well.
  • You have also use white vinegar and water in a spray bottle then spray this mixture in small area with the solution and use a microfiber dust mop on the damp area. After that you have to spray on small areas at a time until the entire floor is shining. Once your tile should be clean, it should only need light mopping every few days.
  • The easiest method to remove the dullness of your tiles with the help of mouthwash. For that you have mixed the mouthwash liquid with a gallon of warm water that offers a simple and also helps to kill all the germs on your tile floor while also getting them clean. This mixture works well on tile flooring, but not on wooden floor.

Friday, 7 July 2017

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